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About webdee-seoservice.com: the services, the idea, the philosophy of our web design, website creation, easy e-commerce and internet

Webdee seo service about us
Don't worry about internet, relax and enjoy a simple, easy and fast website
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About webdee-seoservice.com

Webdee: a good web


Besides the speed is nowadays a foundation of the web as stated by any Google webmaster guide, the speed does not get the visitors bored.
How many times you click back in the browser and go to look for another website or another search result if the website does not show up?
A huge vanity mistake: make a very “nice” “astonishing” website that is slow and you lose visitors.
This is the base of our philosophy. Fast, clean design, easy and visible on any device: desktop, mobile, smartphone and even smart tv.

Web fundamentals
The web fundamentals: speed and integration
in any device

Why make something complicated? Then people cannot use it, they feel intimidated and move to the next website, another platform, another e-commerce.

Webdee seo service, We

So with this in mind we create our websites. All the hours we save in an elaborate and complex design are used for quality, clean code, fast result, best performance and SEO optimization. Yes clean code. We do write our code HTML/PHP/CSS.

Safety and Security

Safety first… Why apply safety, that is about being protected, when we can use security, that is about being free from danger.
We don’t use easy to hack platform or useless plug-in just because “everybody does”. Our websites stay safe, always.
And without doing what most of the others do out there, we also have fewer competitors… ☺️


This is our real position. Webmaster, who takes care of the website: website construction, links, technical issues, hosting and more. We know what it takes to create a web site, and we know what it takes to keep it online and well running. Stupefy users with eye catching designs is one thing, but you can't let people easily reach your website without optimizing it for different browsers, mobile, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
If you just need a vanity dazzling slow website you can find many alleged WordPress expert dudes that can do it for you, you don’t need a technical team. If you want a useful website that performs well contact us: info@webdee-seoservice.com


Internet is the connection between people, companies, locations. It is also the share of knowledge and techniques. It is a virtual place where to comment, learn, improve skills.
A provider of a service for internet (from a small individual programmer to a huge corporation) will have a short future if he keep everything inside if he concentrate everything in his own office. Using skills from people all around the world through the internet is the future. Actually also the present.
A web designer from Thailand, a php programmer from India, a translator from New Zealand, a designer from Canada, a photographer from England and a customer care from Thailand that keep connected all these actors can give foolproof results containing cost as well.
This is our philosophy and how we work. To use a fashion word: the cloud internet.


We do cooperate with hosting-international.com for fast hosting and domain registration.
The data center is in the UK in the "center of the world" at the same distance from Asia (here) and America (where Google and other search engines crawl) for a fast SSD equipped hosting. Over the globe DNS for a fast domain name resolution.
But the big cooperation we would like to have is with our customers. Web services designed for Business Owners who don't know where to start or skillful people that are too busy to run after Google and Content Management Systems update or new code and internet protocols.
Just give us a try: info@webdee-seoservice.com
Or go to the contacts page.

How we "technically" work

You can see more in detail how we work in the how we build a website page.


And if you don't need to buy a website but you just want to know more about SEO and web design, websites in general, reading this website everywhere on any page, following the links to other websites as well, will surely improve your SEO and webmastering knowledge.