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Web design: look and feel, colors, images, easiness of use.

Is it better a complex graphic or a nice clean design?

Modern web design
The modern web design: images and colors
Small screen devices buried complex graphic design

Web Design: the drawing

In the how we work page we talk about more technical and step by step execution of the job of building a website.
Here we explain more the design, look and feel concept of a web design.
As we already stated, the global graphic design is nowadays not so important like in the past. Most users stick on portable devices with limited screen size. Even a “big” smartphone usually has a screen between 5 and 6 inch. So not much of a design can shine through text, logo, links and pictures.

Remember: most of the visual impact is from the images.

Also the design must be liquid, it has to take the shape of the screen, any screen. It is not a painting with a defined size and shape.
Between all the infinity website all around the globe the most successful are website easy to use, and they do look all the same:
  • Logo/name on the upper left
  • Prominent search box (if any)
  • Contact detail
  • Corporate motto/slogan/title
  • Some links
  • Main image
  • Main click to action or promotion
  • All the rest
So to staying on the safe side, we also comply with these (and other) practices.

Our aesthetic preference tends to an almost flat design using palettes that are inspired from actual colors used in marketing, road signs, and stationery items used with particulars functions or harmonizing colours depending on the main image present in your website home page like using this colors tool.

For example with that tool you can have a list of color to use in your website all related to the main image:

Choosing the colors
Alexander Averin Russian painter
Above the image, below the colors

Color palette
Colors ready to be used for text, buttons, links...
and we always add a red for markup

The design can be implement with some cards when necessary:

This is a card

The card is used to divide the content of a web page by concepts.

It can contain a small description and a link to the topic.

The most common example of card is in e-commerce: all the products are usually contained in a card.
E-commerce cards example

It can contains text and click to action button

This is a random text:

Voluntarily by the time onanist since cerebrations as if pouches as if web design although seeker lest playlet as much as ensiled lest millirems as soon as sweetie than.


Or images

logo web design

Card with images

Also important are clear textual menu:
We do apply a policy for a limited use of font classes, only light weight (try to check the weight of the file that will contain that type of font, usually is .woff or .woff2) for a fast loading of the web page. we use Google font or Onlinewebfonts, the kind you can download and upload to your server.

Images with captions and slideshow or picture galleries when requested.

Talking about look and feel and visual effects is difficult.
So we have some templates for you to check. If you will stick on our template the price of building a website will be very competitive. Also available website using modern and fast framework for all the browser and devices in circulation, here you can choose some.

Most of the customers like to take inspiration from the web itself. They indicate a website they like for us to reproduce it but paying attention to NOT COPYING IT! Also because even if a website is really well done and works fine with an enviable high usability, maybe the same functions will not work well in your business contexts. So don’t search for a duplicate of a website, just indicate a way you like.

There is nothing wrong in looking for inspiration on the web and simulate other websites look and feel or layout. You can indicate elements for your website from the web and let us incorporate them into your web design. Of course we will not copy the images themselves or the code.

It is perfectly legal to recreate websites similar (not exact replica) to other if using custom code. And we do code HTML by ourselves.

The legal aspects of copyright infringement are quite a mess when talking about similar “look and feel”, general “layout” that change in infinite way depending on screen size, or “website concept”. As the law is very clear about NOT to replicate the same "pictorial, graphic, sculptural works, literary works" and "computer programs (code)", there is no definition of “look and feel”, at least in the American legislation at time of writing. For example in England if there are at least 6 differences an "article" is not considered the same, furthermore an aesthetic copyright to be protected must be particularly original and website usually are not: logo on the top left, links, main image, description. "Round" image of the user profile is almost in all UI (User Interface) and so on with many similitudes.
Moreover most of corporate websites, even big names like airbnb.com, use common frameworks that share code, design layout and behaviour depending on screen resizing with thousands other website. You will find the same code, properties, shadows, “look and feel”, browser behaviour and even buttons styles and colour classes. And to be copyright protected the design should also be an “original works” and the use of public open source framework removes the word “original”.

Another matter is reproducing the exact same website to let visitors think that they are in another website, like copying a bank website or an online e-commerce to sell goods. This is a vicious purposes and the problem is not copyright infringement, is fraud.

So be perfectly sure that it is a normal to take inspiration from existing websites.

And also the users are expecting and are happy to find resemblance: the home page link in the same place, the captcha that works in the same way in any website as well as other physiognomy that will simply help them a faster navigation and reduce the learning curve of the use of a new website.

A quote (by Henry Ford): "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black".