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WordPress is one of the most common and most used platforms to create blogs (and websites). This is a fact. But, should I use it? Should I ask my webmaster for a WordPress website?

Creating an amateur blog with WordPress is easy
Creating a business website is another matter


WordPress is a free software (generally installed online) to create a blog. At least it was born for this. For some reasons, it became very common and now it is the most used program (or software or application or platform as you prefer) to create blogs and websites. Wordpress.org

If you need to create a blog without WordPress it could be difficult. You have to create a log-in system, areas for people that want to comment, automatically create new pages for any new article you write and related link, control and delete comments, stay in contact with subscribers, and so on.

If you want to write it using your own HTML and PHP code it is quite a task. So WordPress was (and still is) a solution.

Now there are many software online to create blogs but WordPress is the most common one. As is the most common one is also the most targeted system by hackers.

Most people choose WordPress also to create websites that don’t need comments or posts, why I don’t know. The main reason is that “because everybody does it means that is good”.

Well, smoking is still one of the first causes of death in the world. “Because everybody does it means that is good” is not such an applicable formula in life. Conventional wisdom can be tricky, also on the internet.

To create a blog there are many other alternative (for example. just to randomly pick one, CMS Made Simple), as well as to create websites. For static websites is completely useless WordPress: you will create an heavy, insecure, slow, and difficult to manage website. Moreover, WordPress needs constantly updating. A static website does not need any maintenance.

Create and maintain a WordPress website is extremely time consuming. If you then want a SEO optimized website with WordPress you will get a nightmare of an headache. Read Easiness of WordPress or also SEO & WordPress.

Of course WordPress fans and WordPress developers will describe the WordPress SEO property like gold, forgetting all the best practices of Google. Here few for example:

  • Do not change URL unless you really have to
  • Keep the website light, without frills and with Javascript at minimum
  • Website must load very fast even on mobile and on poor internet connection
  • Do not hide the name of the page
  • And more...

Every time you add a plug-in, maybe change the color or the theme and add new pictures you can, in some cases, fall in rewriting URL, adding Javascript, slowing the website performance without even knowing it. It does not matter if WordPress has few fields where insert the keywords, SEO is completely another things.

Then to learn how to create a very fast, user and also SEO friendly website with WordPress (YES it is possible to create perfect websites with WordPress as it is a very good and special piece of software) you really have to hire a WordPress guru, and it will not be an affordable solution.
It looks like I first criticize WordPress and now I say it is good? Yes, it is VERY good but ONLY if you are or if you will delegate the job to a real professional of WordPress.

If you let do your website to somebody that will just show you an astonishing (astonishing slow ☺️) WordPress theme (that is for sale on the internet for less than 100usd) without any knowledge of coding, then you will have a mess of a website that will be creating only problems. Your website should stand out and communicate what your business does. Any time it is offline, in maintenance mode, or partially working you will have to lose time to fix it, you will also lose money.

There are many playmakers out there that will impress you with special effects, will guarantee a 5 minutes installation of your website and will also tell you that it will be very intuitive and “a piece of cake” to maintain it. Then after the first couple of update that goes wrong because of a lack of programming skill, the problems will slowly emerge. Read about WordPress difficulties.

If you want a WordPress website, hire a really competent person with a real HTML PHP background. Somebody will tell you that a WordPress website is better than an HTML website! They don’t even know that WordPress DOES write the website in HTML PHP! So if a problem will happen (an upgrade in PHP that deprecates some syntax of code, for example) they will not be able to fix it.

A nice comment on Quora.com (in short: It’s easy to build a bad WordPress site - it is easy to install a WordPress site, but when changes and adjustments are needed, a trained professional is required. It is hard to find good WordPress professionals since many of the people that work with WordPress are not programmers. Essentially, this means that they cannot make changes that require plugins not already written) read the original: Some WordPress pros and cons.

WordPress is a great platform, a professional platform for teams of web designer with a back team of programmer, it is not for amateurs. Also the hosting plays an important role: managed hosting for WordPress.

So if you want a cheap WordPress website with nice effects and full of plugins and frills, you can find so many people ready to create your "astonishing" website.


After all the above chat, go to concrete matter: the price of a WordPress website.

We do prepare a WordPress Blog for you following your indication on colors or Themes. The Blog will be ready to be used and ready to be filled with comments, images, posts, and articles but it will be very simple.

For that moment is up to you to maintain it. The price of the set up is 11,500 THB

Preinstalled Wordpress. If you want instead a basic but fast website (proper plugins will be already installed) with WordPress the set up is 2,000 THB. You can see here an example of a fast WordPress website.
If you will not add new plugins we will keep your WordPress always up to date free of charge.

The above prices do include fast hosting but never include WordPress maintenance.

Instead for an advance web solution (with or without WordPress), for a fast website stable, user and SEO friendly, easy to use, contact us: info@webdee-seoservice.com or go to the contacts page for more contacts options.

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