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Prices of web design, web development, fast website and e-commerce

How much does a website cost? And if I also want an e-commerce system? And how much is the price for an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Discover all the prices of web design, creation of a website, e-commerce, and blogs.

Web design pricing
Web design prices from a single page website
till a professional SEO website with e-commerce

How much do you charge for a website?
Web design prices start from 1,000 baht of a micro website including domain .com till 10,000 baht for a multi pages website where you will insert the contents.
Prices will increase depending on the kind of SEO request and other features like:

  • 2 or more languages
If you need a second language till 10 pages the cost is 3,000 baht. This price does not include translation, just the setup of the extra languages page. You have to provide the translation.
If you also need the translation (limited to title, description, and intro) the price is 6,000 baht.
For full translation prices must discuss according.
  • Development of content
It is difficult to state a price in advance without even know the matter. Indicatively 2,500 baht per page including 1 infographic and 1 short video presentation, including also the price of the website. For example, in the case of the fast website offer of 10 pages that we sell at 6,000 baht, if you (for example) need content development for 6 pages, will be 6*2,500=39,000 baht including the 6,000 baht of the website.
  • SEO for special keywords besides the company name
In this case, is mandatory to know the keywords before making any quotation.
  • High traffic website with many users
There are many solutions and many kinds of “high traffic”. Also in this case is mandatory to know the details of the project of the website before making a quotation.
  • Update: if you need us to update the contents the price is different depending on the kind of website and the amount of work. We can start from 3,000 THB/year (contents provided from customer by email, 2-page update each month with pictures).

  • Website setup always included

  • Other
Many other cases are possible. To have an idea of the cost of a website read the following price list.
Expect to pay 6,000 baht for one of our templates with your logo, images and contents for our fast website offer.  Expect to pay a bit more for template/theme customization. The cost varies depending on how much work you want to be done. Usually the price we post on this website is correct if you don’t need to modify the design so much.
How many rounds of revisions are included? Actually we always do fix all our mistakes. Instead if is the customer that says "Oh I think if we change this and that and these and we move that page and remove that other page..." it will be all extra. We understand that is difficult to think in advance so we do allow one revision. Please consider that anyway, texts and images, can be changed many times by yourself with the included Content Management System.
Requesting development on top of design will cost extra so be sure to request this in the quote for the project if you would like to have several revisions.
Web design price list (products comparison chart)
Web Design Price Renewal
Fast Website 6,000 THB 6,000 THB
Fast e-commerce 7,000 THB 4,000 THB
Easy e-commerce 2,400 THB/4 month 2,400 THB/4 month
Small e-commerce 2,400 THB/month 2,400 THB/month
Small e-commerce 100 products 2,400 THB/month 2,400 THB/month
E-commerce 100 products + Facebook/Instagram shop 2,400 THB/month 2,400 THB/month
Simple e-commerce 30 transaction/month 5,900 THB 4,900 THB
Simple e-commerce 150 transaction/month 8,800 THB 8,000 THB
SEO website Ask for quotation -
Small web design 1,000 THB 1,000 THB
Add e-commerce 10 products 4,500 THB 3,000 THB
Add e-commerce 10 products in WP 5,500 THB 3,500 THB
Add e-commerce more options, 100 products 6,500 THB 6,500 THB
Professional ecommerce 11,000 THB 4,500 THB
AMP pages 1,700 THB -
Hotel booking 7,000 THB 4,000 THB
Restaurant booking 5,000 THB 2,400 THB
Hotel booking + web design 11,000 THB 5,000 THB
Restaurant booking + web design 9,000 THB 4,000 THB
Blog set up (Blogger) 5,500 THB 1,000 THB
Blog set up (WordPress) 11,500 THB 4,900 THB
High traffic website Ask quotation -
Real Estate website 18,000 THB 5,000 THB
Real Estate (only one language) 12,000 THB 5,000 THB
Classified website 18,000 THB 5,000 THB
Classified (only one language) 12,000 THB 5,000 THB
Domain name .com 500 THB 500 THB
Thai domain name 900 THB 900 THB
Web hosting 1,500 THB 1,500 THB
Fast WordPress installation 2,000 THB 2,000 THB

Ready to use Fast Website 6,000 THB (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support. The customer will provide the contents with CMS. It will be Google optimized, responsive and fast): Ready to use fast website offer. Renewal price: 6,000 THB


  • Domain SSL
  • Landing Page
  • Special Request
  • Free one short video presentation
What is a short video presentation?
It is a one or two minutes video created upon a template. You can give some images to us to insert in the video and suggest some sentences. There will be some animation and premade scenes.
As it is a free complimentary service there will be no editing after the creation.
If you need a more customizable video the cost is 2,600THB.

Here is an example of a short video presentation (note: your video will NOT have a watermark):

Ready to use Fast e-commerce: 7,000 THB (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support. The customer will provide the contents with CMS. It will be responsive and fast. Unlimited products): Ready to use fast e-commerce offer. We insert free 10 products, then the customers can add by themselves. Fast e-commerce offer. Renewal price: 4,000 THB


  • Slide Show
  • Domain SSL
  • Business Class Database
  • Landing Page

Super easy e-commerce web design: 2,400 THB each 4 months. Real e-commerce for a limited amount of products (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support. It will be responsive and fast and super simple). Small e-commerce solution. Renewal price: 2,400 THB each 4 months.

  • SSL certificate included
  • Business Class Database and fast hosting
  • Personalized details


Small e-commerce outsourced: 2,400 THB each month. Real e-commerce with many functions limited to 10 products (including one domain .com and support. It will be responsive and fast). Small e-commerce solution. Renewal price: 2,400 THB each month.

  • Transaction area in SSL
  • Business Class Database
  • Landing Page

Professional web design SEO website. Depending on the keywords we will issue a quotation. Just as an example, if you would like to be found on Google on the first page by the keywords “Bangkok Server” or “Server Bangkok”  it will cost 30,000 baht (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support. The customer will provide the contents. It will be Google optimized, responsive and fast). If you also need the content it will be 48,000 THB (not including pictures that you have to provide). Read more about SEO websites. Renewal price estimate: 9,000 THB

  • Domain SSL
  • Slide show on request
  • Landing Page
  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Registration
  • Yandex Registration
  • Site Maps
  • Google My Business
  • Google Maps
  • More SEO optimization
  • Short video presentation depending on the cases

Super start Small Website: 1,000 THB. Yes only 1,000 THB a real website with 1 page only and the privacy policy page so 2 pages in total (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support. The customer will provide the contents with a small CMS. It will be Google optimized, responsive and fast). Ready to use one page website. Renewal price: 1,000 THB

Add an E-commerce to your existing site:

  • Limited to 10 products: 4,500 THB/year
  • Over 10 products: 6,000 THB/year + 100 THB each product (1 language) after the 10th. 100 baht is the price each time we add a product, not per year
  • Transaction area in SSL
  • Business Class Database
  • One short video presentation
  • Read more about this e-commerce solution

Professional e-commerce web design full optional: 11,000 THB (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support). This professional e-commerce website has all you need. The platform is Prestashop or Magento (for Magento extra 1,500THB):

  • Unlimited products
  • We insert 20 products for free
  • After the 20Th item, we charge 100 THB for each product (1 language)
  • Slide Show
  • Domain SSL
  • Business Class Database
  • Landing Page
  • Chat
  • Renewal price: 4,500 THB
  • Two short video presentations
  • Read more about this full e-commerce solution

Professional SEO and e-commerce: the price of a SEO website (see above) + the price of a full optional e-commerce (see above). This is what you need for your online and not only online business: web design SEO + ecommerce

AMP HTML website or a single AMP page. If you need this edge technology web design that uses a standard from Google we can do it. You can also ask only to create and design one or a few pages in AMP from your existing website to get started with accelerated mobile pages (AMP). One AMP page: 1,700 THB (content provided from customer). Read more about our AMP HTML services

Booking system for Hotel: a way to book rooms without use costly portals like booking.com, expedia.com, or others. Booking system for hotel and Hotel web design: 11,000 THB (including one domain .com, fast hosting and support. The customer will provide the contents with CMS. It will be Google optimized, responsive and fast). Only booking system to add to an existing website: 7,000 THB, booking system for book a table in a restaurant or other limited solution: 5,000 THB or 9,000 including a website. Renewal price: 5,000 THB for full hotel system. Other renewal rates depending on the services. Find your booking system

Real estate web design: for a real estate website or classified website visit the real estate web design page.

Blog set up: 5,500 THB (including one domain .com) with blogger.com, 11,500 THB if with WordPress. Renewal price: 1,000 THB with blogger.com, 3,900 THB if with WordPress. If you like do it by yourself: Create your blog

High traffic website: please let us know more detail to get a fair quotation or read more about web design for an high volume of visitors

Domain name .com 500 THB/year (including many optional), .in.th or .co.th 900 THB/year. Many other extensions (TLD) are available. Check the price list of hosting-international.com. You can buy from us or directly from our sister company hosting-international.com or read more about domain

Hosting: fast SSD equipped hosting at 1,500 THB/year. For this and more offers visit our hosting page

Preinstalled fast WordPress: 2,000 THB/year (including one domain .com and fast hosting). For the development of a WordPress web design we need to know more details. You can have more ideas regarding WordPress here



All web services Integrations with online services:




Service Price Description
Google Maps 1,700 THB Creation of your Google Map
Google My Business 1,700 THB Creation of your Google Business
Gmail App for Work 2,700 THB/year 1 email account including Google fee
Gmail account FREE 1 email account
File Sharing Google Drive 1,700 THB Sharing file
Email Systems Included in web design price  
Email System from 500 THB 5 email/5GB each
Multilevel Email systems from 1,000 THB 5 email/5GB each
Facebook/Instagram Shop Ask for quotation -
Easy Invoice System 3,000 THB (only English)
PayPal Account 1,700 THB -
ebay Account 1,700 THB -
Lazada Account 3,500 THB with test
Online Debit Card assistance 1,700 THB Bangkok Bank or Kasikorn Bank
Registration of brand and logo 2,500 THB Not including I.P. fees
Email form and re-captcha FREE In all our web design
Email form and re-captcha 1,700 THB In an external existing website
Google search console 2,700 THB Including Bing and Yandex
Google AdSense approved Must check the website Including set up
Short video presentation 2,600 THB Including publishing
Youtube channel 1,600 THB Including publishing 10 videos
Adwords 1 1,500 THB + 10% of Adwords bill
Adwords 2 2,700 THB each ad and no surcharge



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