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SEO Website

Let people find you in Google and other search engines by given keywords.

SEO service
Professional SEO service means to be found on the internet
Clear costs and serious advice about when it is possible or not

What is the scope of a SEO service?
The scope of a SEO website, web design or website is to be found on the internet by given keywords or names of products/brands.
In the case of a brand as a keywords the job is easier.

SEO web design
Search engine optimized
Let people find you on the internet
SEO technical gears
Personalized studies and projects
Focus on contents and visibility

SEO website

A web design that helps search engines to understand the content of your website to be delivered to users depending on their search.
To be found on the internet also gives trust in people. A company that doesn't pop up in internet after a search looks like a minor entity.
Invest in SEO can be very useful. It also can be just a way to trash money if you are not aware of what is really SEO and what you really need.
To be more prepared you should know something about it. You can read our whole home page or, in short, just the following article.
You can also contact us at info@webdee-seoservice.com or watch this SEO video: click here

Fast website and SEO

How to be found on the web through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge topic. Already on our homepage webdee-seoservice.com we talk a lot about SEO. Here on this page we will be more technical about what we specifically do, which setting we apply to our SEO web design, and what results we can really get.

Besides thousands of suggestions and tricks that you can read on the internet about SEO we focus more on very few important points
  1. 📚 Contents and focus on particular content
  2. 👌 Easiness of use
  3. ⚡ Speed (load time)
  4. 📲 Adaptability on any device
  5. 🗺 Local SEO
  6. 🔍 Google, Bing and Yandex sign up
  7. 😌 Look and Feel
  8. 🔒 Secure the website
See all the points in detail below here or read a more complete SEO guide from Google:

1. 📚 Contents and focus on particular content

Keywords, title tags, meta descriptions, images with title and ALT-text and info graphics, anchor text with title, single h1 tag for each page, evergreen content, original long contents, external links to informative websites.

Enhance contents with infographics, illustrations, images, or videos to maintain user engagement. The video must be played only after a click, never in automatic mode.
Bring to light your own content. You don't even imagine the material an enterprise has already in place that can be used to drastically improve authority and rank.

Provide clearly marked internal links (usually in the typical blue color) to let the user navigate inside your site. The website will be built in a way that at any given time the user with a blink of an eye should recognize: “what you do”, “where you are”, “what is the cost”, secondary he can explore “how you do”, “your timing” and other information

The language will be really close to a talk rather than a journalistic article. Very important the insertion of many questions and answers in the descriptions like: “how to use?” “How to maintain?” “How to assemble?” “How to buy?”

A search box where insert words is also a primary need better if can be automatically prepopulated while typing.

2. 👌 Easiness of use

The importance of the above of the fold area, the architecture of our SEO web design will try to show all the links that are possible instead of complicated sub menu’ (what you hide to the visitors you do hide to the search engine too), focus on highlight information instead of slogan for let the visitor rapidly understand what you can offer.

Never miss important links: home, contacts, products or services, pricing. If you have an ecommerce links to the e-commerce section will be placed or links that open the relative products page in the e-commerce system.

The usability of the whole website will be build thinking that users will not be in need of zoom. White spaces (paragraph and line spacing) are very useful to let the human eyes quickly scan the page while playing and scrolling up and down with the fingers on the smart phone (yes everybody does that) using bold characters as visual clues.

3. Speed (load time)

Image optimization, thumbnails that can be clicked to get the bigger image instead of overlap windows of the same images, robust html/php construction without database, full functionality even on slow internet connection, minify css on page, a limited or total absence of JavaScript.

Convert “like” and other social buttons into simple links.

Instead of directly using the e-commerce platform as the main site, place links to the products page of the ecommerce while using a faster web design platform that does not load all the slowing gears of any e-commerce.

Use common fonts, deferred loading icons, and HTML character entities like this: 😀. Yes, this is not an image, it is a character.

4. 📲 Adaptability on any device

Mobile friendly and desktop friendly: only one version for any kind of screen.

To help navigation maintain a standard kind of font size format in all pages, clear visible title of the page to let understand in which page the customer did arrive straight from above the fold without the need to scroll. Always allow the logo to be clicked to go back to the homepage and create a main image on each page in order to create a visual reminder for the visitors in case they will be back.

5. 🗺 Local SEO

NAP (Name Address Phone number), customer review linked in the contact page through an embedded Google map (Google My Business), suggest citations in social networks.

6. 🔍 Google, Bing, and other search engines

The sign up process to these entities will complete the local SEO and the overall SEO experience of your website. It does not matter if you don’t like a specific search engine or you think not many people use that kind of search engine. A presence in a search engine will be noted from other search engines...

7. 😌 Look and Feel

Look and feel terms refer to the appearances of the website we will create. The web design is used to transfer information and interaction between the user and the owner of the website. It regards the graphical aspect and comprises elements like colors, shapes, icons, images, layout, fonts, size of the font, background colors, buttons, boxes, menus, and so on.

In web design nowadays we have to consider that any screen, any device give a different result. Even the same desktop computer will give a different visual result depending on the used browser. So it is like having to deal with a liquid instead of a solid. A document, a flyer, a business card is how it is: everybody will see it exactly as it was thought and designed. A website will give a different result that can even be manipulated by the user (simply try CTRL+).

Imagine you have a complicated logo full of small text, very nice to look and that is also able to transfer a good feeling to people that will watch it. Now, this exactly same logo on a small smartphone will result in an incomprehensible stain! All the graphics of the menu’, the positioning of all the elements of your website that have been discussed for hours with the marketing team and a designer will simply vanish!

Even worst. When the graphic is too complex you have a chance that the browser on the mobile device will ask and deliver a simplified version of your website. In this case, not only the graphic will disappear but also much of the information. Check the 2 following images (click to enlarge):

Screenshot original graphic
This is the website as it was designed
A Little bit too small on mobile devices
Screenshot simplified graphic
This is the version you get without
the navigation and other elements

You can note that the navigation menu', the right section, some advertising, other contents did completely disappear after clicking the lower button "Make page mobile-friendly". That button is not part of any website, is Google that offers it so is not in the web designer's hands. The best thing to do is avoid this situation by offering a mobile friendly web page. At least the user can easily read after the conversion suggested by Google. Unluckily the whole design, branding, look and feel are gone. Note that not all devices react the same.
Anyway if you want to know more about Jim Thomson here the link to the real article: click here for the article

Look and feel in a website have two main purposes. It must provide branding, helping understand and remember the name, the logo, the company, the product. Must give a visual confirmation that it is what users were looking for. Let them recognize something that has already seen before. Maybe in another website, in advertising, or on a social network.

Secondly but not less important, look and feel have to help visitors to become familiar with the use of the website and the navigation between the products and the information that is looking for. This second case must be easy and fast, especially if the customer still does not know you and your products/services. A small difficulty and he will quit your website.

So we will deliver a clean, simple, extremely easy to use and fast website that will guarantee that the information and the interactions will be fully accessible from any device in any kind of internet connection. A kind of no-frill high quality web design. Even suitable for people with some visual impairment. Visual impairment accessible website is a topic that is generally and oddly uncovered from many SEO agencies, low quality SEO agencies then.

A website fast, easy to use in any condition, full of information will be also easy to be crawled in less time and so it will be crawled more deeply in the same given time transferring more information to the search engine. And will also communicate a sort of assurance that once it will appear in the search result any user will be able to see it. Search engines don’t like to suggest slow sites or websites that can hardly be loaded/seen.

8. 🔒 Secure the website

Correctly apply SSL certificate and use updated system, avoid useless database and plugins. Limited ftp CMS.

Prices and Costs

All of the above and more that we are not disclosing here will come with a cost. To determinate the price we should know more details:
  • If you already have a website and from how long
  • How is your brand well known in your field
  • Which are the keywords you have in mind
  • What kind of web marketing you already have in place (social network, banners, whatever...)
  • What kind of material (images, videos, info graphics) and content you can provide
  • The originality of the content
  • And many other details.
So you cannot buy this offer directly online. Please note that any modification, suggestion, task or technical SEO approach for existing websites or new projects will be corroborated with a documented statement from Google or other search engines like video, forum answers, links or both or all that will support the detected SEO issue and the solution offered.
Please ask us for a quotation at info@webdee-seoservice.com or go to the contacts page for more contacts options.

The quotation will be free and without any kind of obligation. Please indicate if you prefer to be contacted by email or telephone.

In some case, we will perform a simple search audit, still free. If the analysis and technical search audit must be done on an existing website there may be some costs but we will always advise you and wait for your confirmation before proceeding.

Last but not least consideration

To be found on the internet by Google and other similar actors by keywords is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) scope. So you turn on SEO to have more people entering your website. More people visiting your website, seeing your products or services, more are the chances you will close more deals and improve your business. So it is not only SEO that can do this. Any means that will increase the traffic to your website will have a similar impact on your business.

So you should consider placing links on websites that have topics related to your business, increase the activity on Facebook and other social networks, send email messages to your customers and other address you have, advertising your website name on flyers and business cards, participating in forums and blogs, place tutorial video in Youtube etcetera. But all these things must be done without make mistakes (like hundreds of useless paid links) that can damage your rank. Visit our marketing page for more details and suggestions.

Thank you for your time.